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You may be saying to yourself not another GURU in the fitness business marketing space.
Matt is far from a guru and we believe you will find that refreshing.
In 7 years Matt went from living in his Grandmas basement $100,000 in student loan debt after getting his masters degree in exercise physiology to owning 10 boutique fitness gyms with 4 of those locations doing over a million dollars a year. Since 2013 his locations have generated over 40 million dollars in revenue.
Matt went from being the only employee when he first opened his first 1,700 sf facility to becoming a true CEO of his business and not needing to do any of the day to day operations inside of his locations.
In order to do this Matt had to learn how to lead, develop culture, build amazing teams, create systems and processes in order to scale quickly and deliver an exceptional product and results to his members.
Matt’s locations and systems have delivered unparrelled results. At his locations his team has helped over 300 members lose 50 pounds or more including 14 clients losing over 100 pounds. His proprietary nutrition system has helped clients lose 1,000,000 documented pounds.
What Matt is most proud outside of his team is his non-profit charity The Big Give that he created to help his local community. The Big Give has raised and donated over $1,000,000 and helped nearly 5,000 kids have Christmas they normally would go without.
Matt is living proof that you can make a great living, change lives, and make a massive impact on your community.


Gym owners we are at WAR with OBESITY. By 2035 more than 50% of the world will be obese. I want to help you fight this battle. That is why everything I teach is not theory, it’s what I actually do every day to help deliver the actual results our clients deserve.


In addition to Matt’s success he was also the VP of Product and Results at Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise for 2 years until he created his own fitness concept called Tranzform Fitness. Hear what owners have to say about working with Matt directly.


“You’re a product of your environment, surround yourself with the best”. This is my motto. Matt Wilber is the real deal. Everywhere he went, I followed. If you want to be the best, find the best and follow and replicate everything they are doing. I want to learn and grow from someone that is in the trenches and knows what I am experiencing, and going through and has been there.
I like Matt’s coaching style, it’s direct, clear and a no-fluff approach. I am the type of person that does well with clear marching orders and Matt has always provided that for me. I present a struggle or problem and he doesn’t make me feel dumb or incompetent but rather he gets it because he has struggled with the same issues.
I’ve learned from Matt and have been coached by him for well over a decade and the success that I have had becoming a 7 figure multi-location fitness business owner is directly tied to Matt’s coaching and resources over the years. His coaching with running multiple locations, developing and growing my leadership as well as building and cultivating the culture of my facilities have been massively beneficial over the years working with Matt.”


Only a few times in a lifetime does one get to witness a mission embodied in a person. Matt Wilber is exactly that. He is a walking, talking, thinking, growth-churning human that will not rest until he transforms, not just individuals, but entire industries on the path to converting whole communities and then the legacies of the families they touch.
Not only has he been a coach and mentor to me, but each day in the execution of my coaching and leading I hear Matt’s voice reminding me of greatness. Echoing the mission of impact and encouraging me to press on into my personal legend.
While his businesses success and his professional acumen are widely unrivaled his heart, vision, and relentless execution in his pursuits are beyond impressive and are what has, and will continue, to set him apart from the pack.
It is a pleasure and honor to have stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the mission with him.

Matt Espeut

My name is Matt Espeut, and I have owned my own gym since 2014. I started this journey with no money, no business plan and not a lot of knowledge about running a brick and mortar business.
I credit myself with being a great coach and fitness professional, helping hundreds of people not only lose thousands of pounds over the years, but also claiming their self confidence and gaining back control of their lives.
I soon discovered that my deep passion and enthusiasm for fitness and helping others still wasn’t enough to run and grow a successful gym or coaching and accountability program, so I knew I needed to seek out help and coaching from professionals in this area.
One person that has been instrumental in my success is Matt Wilber.
From the first time I met this guy, he had my full attention. Although he was in the beginning phases of building his empire, and is decades younger than me, I knew he was light years ahead of me with running a business.
When I was around him, his drive and influence was infectious, and I knew he was destined for greatness. His leadership, and ability to create and multiply a great team and organization has helped me become a better leader and fitness professional.
From marketing strategies to understanding the needs of individuals in my organization, he has helped me lay down the framework to grow and become more successful every year.
One of the things I admire most about Matt is his desire and willingness to grow and help others along the way. I know for a fact that he never sits idle, and is always looking for new ways to get better and continue to grow.
Thank you Matt for all the years that you poured into myself and the entire FBBC organization. I know that you will accomplish everything you set out to do based on your drive, discipline, and desire to be the best.


When you enter to win our 20k giveaway you will also get on Matt's weekly email list where he will give you weekly "GAME" for FREE that most people charge for. Matt's mission is to help gym owners win because when gym owners win we change lives and communities.